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I have been using ActiveTCL on my windows desktop, but now I have a Solaris workstation, and I need a new IDE. I am a student, so the business edition of ActiveTCL is not an option. Are there any free TCL solutions for Solaris?

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The best you will be able to do for free is vim with syntax highlighting. You can use frink to help look for errors. If you still have access to a windows machine you can use notepad++ with the ssh module. That seems to work pretty well and is relatively seamless.

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You can also find compatible IDE on wiki.tcl.tk/1184 but I agree with user1797619 that vim or emacs are good choice. –  Roman Kaganovich Nov 4 '12 at 7:07

Both vim and emacs are good choices, and Eclipse has a dynamic programming add on that supports Tcl too. Personally, while I use Eclipse for things like Java, I find a simple editor (with syntax highlighting) like emacs much more convenient.

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