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I am trying to run a function from an IF statement, this is the function, It runs from a mouse click at the moment.

        //Show the bus route
    public function showRoute(Event:MouseEvent){

        bg.addChildAt(route1, 2);
        bg.addChildAt(dest1, 3);
        searchbar1.mouseEnabled = false;
        busInfo.mouseEnabled = true;
        route1.mouseEnabled = false;
        dest1.mouseEnabled = false;

This is the next function and IF statement that I want to run the showRoute function

        public function addMarker(e:TuioEvent):void {

        var fid_id = (e.tuioContainer as TuioObject).classID;

        if (fid_id == 0){

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Ok. So what's the question? –  vdbuilder Nov 4 '12 at 3:01

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Change the function to allow it to accept a call without an event being passed:

public function showRoute(Event:MouseEvent = null){
    // code goes here

This way you can still have it run as a response to a mouse click but you can also call it without passing any event as a parameter:

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Well that was simple, thank you, works perfectly. I think I was spending my time looking for a complicated answer. Cheers. –  user1797429 Nov 4 '12 at 2:51

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