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I'm in the process of updating a client's site to the latest version of EE, and while the update went pretty smoothly, {exp:channel:entries} tags no longer render anything inside of them, yet I see that the date on the entry is current or a previous date, the status is set to open, and yes, dynamic="no" was already set. I can't imagine what would cause this, and a database export reveals that all the channel entries are there. The pages aren't completely blank; the templates themselves render without a problem, it's just the {exp:channel:entries} tags so far.

Is there anything I can do to test against this? Running the query module with:

{exp:query sql="SELECT * FROM exp_channel_data "}

returns with a hashed value of M00o93H7pQ09L8X1t49cHY01Z5j4TT91fGfr.

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Have you tried emptying your cache directory? Also maybe try re-uploading all system files for good luck. –  Adrian Macneil Nov 4 '12 at 3:48

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I've only ever seen that error when Structure was involved.

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after doing some digging, it turned out that when I turned off my extensions, the content showed up. As a result, I tried disabling extensions, one by one until the culprit revealed itself to be Solspace's Supersearch. It was a previous version of the addon, and updating it to the most current version brought everything back!

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