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I'm currently writing some code in MATLAB that uses the parfor loop to speed up some tedious calculations.

My issue is that the code will be run on a remote cluster, and could be run on 4-core, 8-core or 12-core machines (I won't know which one in advance)...

I basically need a code snippet that will allow MATLAB to determine the maximum number of cores that can be used in matlabpool. If we call this variable maxcores, I can then go ahead and use


so that I can make sure that I am using all the cores that are available to me.

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An alternative approach to Dougal's would be to use a system call. On Linux that'd be [~, Result] = system('nproc')... –  Colin T Bowers Nov 4 '12 at 9:50
possible duplicate of How can I query the number of physical cores from MATLAB? –  Sam Roberts Sep 2 '13 at 19:54
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You can get the number of cores on the machine through feature('numCores'), which is undocumented but seems unlikely to break. (source)

Someone claims there that getNumberOfComputationalThreads also works since R2007a, but it doesn't on my R2012a.

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Beyond Dougal's response, I found getenv('NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS') returns the number of threads on my Windows systems.

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This alternative seems more useful compared to feature('numCores') since it returns the number of logical cores, rather than physical. –  erikreed Apr 10 at 5:23
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