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Today, I am search libraries for handling iOS http request. I got a library named ASIHttpRequest. But when i look up it's Document. BUT! I found the first line of the website "Please note that I am no longer working on this library - you may want to consider using something else for new projects. :)" with the blue background! And I found the words "Last updated: 15th May 2011 (v1.8.1)". Can I still use ASIHttpRequest library in my new project? Is there other something better?

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That's right ASIHTTPRequest is no longer maintained.

I consider AFNetworking to be the best HTTP library for iOS. It's documentation is really good and you should be able to get up and running very easily.

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Meybe you are right! There is a standpoint here stackoverflow.com/questions/8636418/… –  expl Nov 4 '12 at 4:09

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