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In the code below, I want to change the line of code that reads as:


So that if the parameter order=1 is found in the URL, for example, http://my.com?order=1then it should execute.


Instead of


Hope you understand what I mean.

   // Update Status
      var updateval = $("#update").val();
      var dataString = 'update='+ updateval;
         alert("Please Enter Some Text");
      } else {
         $("#flash").fadeIn(400).html('Loading Update...');
            type: "POST",
            url: "message_ajax.php?CID=" + CID + "&Id="+Id,
            data: dataString,
            cache: false,
            success: function(html){
      return false;
   //commment Submit
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I've formatted your post for you. Please remember to indent code four spaces to format it. The styling will usually recognize which language it is. If it doesn't, you can prefix it with <!-- language: lang-etc -->, with etc being short-hand such as js for javascript, css for cascading style sheets, or similar. –  Daedalus Nov 4 '12 at 4:04
Thanks Daedalus! I'm still new to the styling. You spoonfed me then, but I will learn from this. Many thanks. –  Frankie 'Moodurian' Kam Nov 4 '12 at 4:15

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You can get the current URL using location.href (or location.search, since you're only interested in the query portion). Search it for your parameter, for instance using a regex:

if ( /order=1/.test(location.href) )

If you need a more general solution, see this related question (or this one, as suggested by @naveen).

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Many thanks!!!! I've been slaving away for more than an hour. This is most helpful. –  Frankie 'Moodurian' Kam Nov 4 '12 at 4:11
+1: another more comprehensive link stackoverflow.com/questions/901115/… –  naveen Nov 4 '12 at 4:17

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