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Is there a TypeScript equivalent of C#'s Func keyword?

On a preliminary exploration of TypeScript today converting some existing code, I used interface for classes/objects but found myself duplicating function types unnecessarily. Am I missing something?

In the following I've defined an interface for an object type (Data) and would benefit from naming (data: Data) => void too

interface Funcs {
    box: (data: Data) => void;
    lbl: (data: Data) => void;


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A function type (args) => t is just an abbreviation for the object type {(args): t}, so the following should work:

interface Func {
  (data: Data): void;

interface Funcs {
  box: Func;
  lbl: Func;
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Perfectly. Thanks. –  DazWilkin Nov 5 '12 at 17:35

In C#, Func takes generic type parameters. Generics are not yet part of the TypeScript language specification - but they are listed on the roadmap.

Having said this, I'm not sure how you intend to use it in this case - are you after this?


interface Funcs {
    box: Action<Data>;
    lbl: Action<Data>;

To make your definition shorter (i.e. I accept a parameter of type Data and return void). I used Action as there is no return value, but you could think of Func<Data, ResultType> equally here.

In any case, we will have to wait for generics and see how they are implemented and if they allow this kind of use.

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