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I have a set of statements to be executed repeatedly every time a web method is called with a new service.I tried writing in the constructor but, the constructor gets invoked only once when the server starts. Instead, I need the set of stmts to be executed each time a Service is created at the client.

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As per your other quuestion: maybe interceptors will help

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You're looking for @PostConstruct:

public void postConstruct(){
    // initialization code

A method annotated with @PostConstruct is called by the container once after the bean is instantiated.

EDIT: I think, I misunderstood your question. You're probably looking for interceptors as suggested by djna, i.e., javax.ejb.Interceptors annotation. You can find a good introduction here (as soon as maintenance of is over).

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thanks for ur reply! – Ajay Aug 24 '09 at 14:28

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