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I want to write a jquery plugin which can submit form using iframe and return the content of iframe as the argument of callback function. But onload event does not return any value. I am a beginner. Can you help?

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the form inside the iframe? ... where is your code? what have you tried? ... are you asking for a cookbook? –  JFK Nov 4 '12 at 7:32

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The only situation I can imagine in which you will need to submit a form within an iFrame is if you want to do AJAX uploads, if that's your situation you can take a look at this plugin which implements this very elegantly (and they use an iFrame to submit the file upload)

But if you simply want to submit a form and retrieve the resulting data while staying on the same page, its best not to use an iframe and stick with $.post()


$.post('ajax/test.html', form.serializeArray(), function(data) { // Callback function
    $('.result').html(data); // Do what you want with data
}, 'html'); // Retrieve HTML, json etc

If you still need it

If you still need to use an iframe, below is the relevant code from the upload.js plugin:

     form.submit(function() { // form would be the form element in the iframe
        iframe.load(function() {
            var data = handleData(this);
                // data will be the resulting content
     }).submit(); // submit form after applying listeners

And altering their handleData() function:

function handleData(iframe) {
            return $(iframe).contents().get(0);
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