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I want to have a spreadsheet like functionality on my web page. I am looking forward for following features: 1) Each cell of spreadsheet should be editable. 2) It should allow calculations. 3) When saved , data should be saved into database. 4) Preferably open source without any licensing issues.

Please suggest me what can I use to achive it?


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try this one but the question as you asked it is more suittable for google than for stackoverflow - in my opinion.


Licenses Open Source - GPL - Allows the use of dhtmlxSpreadsheet in GPL-ed projects for free.

or buy ...

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Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I want to use this excel sheet feature in commercial site , and for it even dhtmlx spreadsheet has yearly license. Kindly suggest if you have come across any tool which is completely free. –  Gurunath Solanki Nov 5 '12 at 3:58

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