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I'm working on a delphi program using the TRibbon and launching separate exe files. Once I have executed the external application (with CreateProcessA() ) I set its parent as the form with the ribbon:

wHandle := FindWindow('MainRibbonForm');

All considered, this works alright, but the problem is that the application forms can be moved over the TRibbon in the main form. I was thinking about restricting the form's movement within the main application but how can I take into account the ribbon?

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I'm not shure having understood your wishes. Something like placing the external Window maximized on a Panel and setting borderstyle to bsNone? – bummi Nov 4 '12 at 9:18
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Place a TPanel as a container on your Form and use this TPanel as Parent. Now the Child can only move inside the TPanel.

wHandle := FindWindow( 'MainRibbonForm' );
SetParent( wHandle, MyContainerPanel.Handle );
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