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I'm trying to add a border around a svg image. I have tried 2 approaches but both failed...

Attempt 1 : Draws image but no border..

<image id="note-0" xlink:href="" x="185" y="79" height="202" width="150" style="stroke:#ac0d0d; stroke-width:3;"></image>

Attempt 2 : Draws image but no border..

    <image id="image1352022098990svg" height="202" width="150" xlink:href=""></image>

<use xmlns="" id="note-0" xlink:href="#image1352022098990svg" xmlns:xlink="" x="185" y="79" height="202" width="150" style="stroke:#ac0d0d; stroke-width:3;"/>

So my question is, is it possible to define a image on a svg element and have a border/stroke around it at the same time?

Futhermore it seems i can position svg elements with translate and with the x/y attribute. Which is preffered and why?

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stroke does not apply to <image> or <use>, only shapes and text. If you want to draw a border round it, draw a <rect> after the image with the same x,y,width and height as the image and give that a stroke and a fill of "none".

As to translate vs x/y - it depends on your use case.

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Thanks, i was afraid of that im using a rect now thanks. – Baijs Nov 20 '12 at 8:05

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