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I have an script that reads some urls and get them to axel to download them. I want stop script on sometimes and resume it further. Axel can resumes file downloading. So if I press Ctrl+C when downloading, the next time, it starts from the resume of file.

but axel doesn't check that the file existed. So it appends ".0" to the end of file name and start downloding it twice. How I can tell to axel if the file with same name existed, skip that and don't downloading it??

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axel uses an [FILE_NAME].st besides the main downloading file which has the state of downloaded file, if you resume it finds the state file and fetches the next bytes – Hojat Taheri Mar 20 '14 at 20:28

If you want axel to resume, You should use


If you want to check if file exists

if [ -f $FILE ];
   echo "File $FILE exists." #operation related to when file exists
   echo "File $FILE does not exist." #operation related to when file does not exists


if [ ! -f /tmp/foo.txt ];
    echo "File not found!" #operation related to when file does not exists

Bash script from here

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