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In a Wikipedia article, it was mentioned that,

A join dependency is a constraint on the set of legal relations over a database scheme. A table T is subject to a join dependency if T can always be recreated by joining multiple tables each having a subset of the attributes of T. If one of the tables in the join has all the attributes of the table T, the join dependency is called trivial.

I can understand it thoroughly but what does the following example say.

A trivial functional dependency is a functional dependency of an attribute on a superset of itself. {Employee ID, Employee Address} → {Employee Address} is trivial, as is {Employee Address} → {Employee Address}.

What does this simple-looking example describe. I don't understand it.

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If someone is able to explain what exactly trivial dependency is in layman terms, then please leave comments. I can understand it but not in its entirely. –  Tiny Apr 30 '13 at 17:18

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