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The WSO2 Identity Server features list XDAS, but I can't find any more information on how WSO2 uses it.

  • Is there any documentation available about how the WSO2 Identity Server uses XDAS?
  • Does the Identity Server have an XDAS service API that it can offer auditing services for use by other (external) applications?
  • WSO2 offer a Centralized Auditing & Monitoring solution. How can I set this up for myself?
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We have done some work with XDAS in the WSO2 platform and the effort is on hold due to the less demand for XDAS.

You can find additional details from here :

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Thanks for the update Prabath. – Chris Snow Feb 6 '13 at 20:41
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I have checked out the whole WSO2 trunk and performed a find for files containing XDAS in their filename and a grep for files containing XDAS in their contents. Nothing was found.

My guess is that XDAS has not been implemented in the WSO2 platform.

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