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is my output from

<% @results.each do |t| %>
    <%= t.image.extract!("test_url") %>
<% end %>

How can i just get the contents of test_url? so http://test.com/123.jpg

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if h = {"test_url"=>"http://test.com/123.jpg"} you can simply get the content with h["test_url"], –  pjam Nov 4 '12 at 12:17

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#extract! always deletes and returns the key/value pairs for the given key from the Hash.

To delete and only return the value:

<%= t.image.delete("test_url") %>

or, if you just want to get the value:

<%= t.image["test_url"] %>
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<% @results.each do |t| %>
    <%= t.image["test_url"] %>
<% end %>
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