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I wish to test a function that will generate lorem ipsum text, but it does so within html tags. So I cant know in advance the textual content, but i know the html structure. That is what I want to test. And maybe that the length of the texts are within certain limits. So what I am wondering is if the assertTags can do this in a way paraphrased bellow:

Result = "<p>Some text</p>";
Expected = array( 
   '<p' ,
assertTags(resutl, expected)

I am using SimpleTest with CakePHP, but i think it should be a general question.

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$expected = array(
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cant i accept my own answer anymore? –  Alexander Morland Sep 25 '08 at 10:22

Extend the SimpleExpectation class and then use your new Expectation class in the assert statement

see: http://www.lastcraft.com/expectation_documentation.php#extending

the example given is for validating an IP address but should be applicable to your problem:

class ValidIp extends SimpleExpectation {

  function test($ip) {
    return (ip2long($ip) != -1);

  function testMessage($ip) {
    return "Address [$ip] should be a valid IP address";

then in your test

$this->assert(new ValidIp(),$server->getIp());
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