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how can student use windows azure online services? can we use it for free? at least trial version, because we need to use it for IC project.

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Yes you can get a 1-Month Free Trial Subscription. The free trial has enough features you need to use as a student.

Read the details of the available features in Free Trial

Get Free Trial


Please note while registering for free trial you need a valid credit/debit card and a transaction of $1 will be made to verify your card.

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Azure Web Sites is FREE up to 10 sites that run in "Shared mode" (limited CPU, memory, bandwidth, storage): http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/home/scenarios/web-sites/

It is pretty powerful for what you get to get started.

As mentioned above there is a FREE 90-trial. Also if your school has a Microsoft partnership and provides MSDN Subscription access...you do get $3,700 / year of Azure for FREE.

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