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if i try to load a result with Kohana ORM, the query is correct, but the result is empty. If i copy the Query and use it in phpmyadmin, i receive 2 rows.

This is the Kohana Code (ORM)

        // DB work
        $ftps = ORM::factory('ftp');

        // if we activate many (we load only ready)
        if ($this->request->param('mode') == 'activate') {
            $ftps->where('ready', '=', '1');

        // if we activate many (we load only ready)
        } elseif ($this->request->param('mode') == 'not_ready') {
            $ftps->where('ready', '=', '0');

        // DB work
        $ftps->and_where('activated', '=', '0')
             ->order_by('lastcheck', 'ASC')

This is the SQL Query (Debug)

SELECT `ftp`.* FROM `ftps` AS `ftp` WHERE `activated` = '0' ORDER BY `lastcheck` ASC LIMIT 100 (1)

Why is Kohana not able to load the same results like phpmyadmin does? It's the same query. I don't find a solution.

Thank you for your help

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How are you checking if it returns results? – Ikke Nov 4 '12 at 14:55

This is a problem I used to encounter a lot when I was using Kohana. There is a simple but not-that-intuitive explanation to your problem. If you are simply doing...


and then try to use $ftp as your results set, that won't work, because the find_all() function only returns the results set, and the $ftps query object is being reset. Instead, you need to do...

$ftps = $ftps->find_all();

and then $ftps will contain the results set.

Hope that helps!

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