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set -o nounset

1) Having an indexed array like:

myArray=( "red" "black" "blue" )

Which is the shortest way to check if element 1 is set?
I sometimes use the following:

test "${#myArray[@]}" -gt "1" && echo "1 exists" || echo "1 doesn't exist"

I would like to know if there's a preferred one.

2) How to deal with non-consecutive indexes?


How to quick check that '51' is already set for example?

3) How to deal with associative arrays?

declare -A myArray

How to quick check that 'key2' is already used for example?


The simplest way seems to me:

if test "${myArray['key_or_index']+isset}"
        echo "yes"
        echo "no"

This works for both indexed and associative arrays. No errors shown with set -o nounset.
Thanks to doubleDown for the headup.

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To check if the element is set (applies to both indexed and associative array)

[ ${array[key]+abc} ] && echo "exists"

Basically what ${array[key]+abc} does is

  • if array[key] is set, return abc
  • if array[key] is not set, return nothing


  1. See Parameter Expansion in Bash manual and the little note

    if the colon is omitted, the operator tests only for existence [of parameter]

  2. This answer is actually adapted from the answers for this SO question: How to tell if a string is not defined in a bash shell script?

A wrapper function:

  if [ "$2" != in ]; then
    echo "Incorrect usage."
    echo "Correct usage: exists {key} in {array}"
  eval '[ ${'$3'[$1]+muahaha} ]'  

For example

if ! exists key in array; then echo "No such array element"; fi 
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I solved in this way: if test "${myArray['key_or_index']+isset}"; then echo "yes"; else echo "no"; fi; It seems to me the simplest way and it applies to indexed and associative arrays. Thank you –  Luca Borrione Nov 4 '12 at 19:13
+1! Thanks for the ${var+val} notation! I read man bash again and I found that I was skipped it before! –  TrueY Jun 13 '13 at 22:00
@doubleDown How do you use [ ${array[key]+abc} ] in an if clause to only do something if [ ${array[key]+abc} ] doesn't exist? –  olala Feb 19 '14 at 17:43
This does not work if key contains a space. –  Steven Penny Jul 12 '14 at 18:17

Unfortunately, bash give no way to make difference betwen empty and undefined variable.

But there is some ways:

$ array=()
$ array[12]="red"
$ array[51]="black"
$ array[129]="blue"

$ echo ${array[@]}
red black blue

$ echo ${!array[@]}
12 51 129

$ echo "${#array[@]}"

$ printf "%s\n" ${!array[@]}|grep -q ^51$ && echo 51 exist
51 exist

$ printf "%s\n" ${!array[@]}|grep -q ^52$ && echo 52 exist

(give no answer)

And for associative array, you could use the same:

$ unset array
$ declare -A array
$ array["key1"]="red"
$ array["key2"]="black"
$ array["key3"]="blue"
$ echo ${array[@]}
blue black red

$ echo ${!array[@]}
key3 key2 key1

$ echo ${#array[@]}

$ set | grep ^array=
array=([key3]="blue" [key2]="black" [key1]="red" )

$ printf "%s\n" ${!array[@]}|grep -q ^key2$ && echo key2 exist || echo key2 not exist
key2 exist

$ printf "%s\n" ${!array[@]}|grep -q ^key5$ && echo key5 exist || echo key5 not exist
key5 not exist

You could do the job without the need of externals tools (no printf|grep as pure bash), and why not, build checkIfExist() as a new bash function:

$ checkIfExist() {
    eval 'local keys=${!'$1'[@]}';
    eval "case '$2' in
        ${keys// /|}) return 0 ;;
        * ) return 1 ;;

$ checkIfExist array key2 && echo exist || echo don\'t

$ checkIfExist array key5 && echo exist || echo don\'t

or even create a new getIfExist bash function that return the desired value and exit with false result-code if desired value not exist:

$ getIfExist() {
    eval 'local keys=${!'$1'[@]}';
    eval "case '$2' in
        ${keys// /|}) echo \${$1[$2]};return 0 ;;
        * ) return 1 ;;

$ getIfExist array key1
$ echo $?

$ # now with an empty defined value
$ array["key4"]=""
$ getIfExist array key4

$ echo $?
$ getIfExist array key5
$ echo $?
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it's been very interesting go on through aaaall this. Thank you –  Luca Borrione Nov 4 '12 at 19:14

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