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I have seen some examples that use gallio such as this:

Gallio.Echo.exe Widget.Tests.dll /runner:NCover /runner-property:NCoverCoverageFile='C:\Temp\WidgetCoverage.xml' /runner-property:NCoverArguments='//eas .*.Tests;Gallio;MbUnit;OtherIgnoredAssembly'

When I run this, it gives me an error stating that the '//eas .*.Tests;Gallio;MbUnit;OtherIgnoredAssembly' can not be found? I am looking for an example on how have the correct NCoverAgurments for 1.5.8? I need to register the CoverLib.lib COM object as well?

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NCover v1.58 does not support the //eas argument. Use the //a argument and specify the list of assembly names that you want to profile. Be sure to only specify the assembly display name, not its path or filename.

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