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I am looking for a program to show a slotmachine animation (preferablly written in Java/SVG). I'm interested in showing the rotating wheels with images of my own choice.

I have found

which is the source code for an Applet.

do not have graphic support. I am hoping there might be better/other solutions I could use for showing on a webpage.

shows an SVG solution - this might be the closest to what I am looking for so far.

so far i could test the above applet by making a standalone java app from it. It works for the graphic part - the audio issue is discussed in

how can i run an applet as an application?:

I will now at least be able to try out other graphics without needing the applet params to be defined in a web page. I'd rather have a standalone solution e.g. like a restful Java app.

See Wheel, part of a larger project by Jernej Vicic, and this later variation, incorporated into a project by Mark Boyns.

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It looks like you have examples of a slot machine model. For the view, you might look at this answer that suggests using Unicode glyphs or implementing the Icon interface. Also, consider this MVC example and this answer that illustrates rendering a BufferedImage.

Animating the visible face is straightforward, but a pseudo-perspective for adjacent facets would require a trapezoidal transform, available in JAI.

Addendum: How can I run an applet as an application?

Several examples of the hybrid approach are cited here. Note that applets, too, must be constructed and manipulated on the event dispatch thread. Also consider Java Web Start for deployment.

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