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I have a table structure which looks like as followsenter image description here

In the above table I need the team_id for which win+runs_scored is maximum.

I know that task can be accomplished by PHP code but if there is any query possible for this then it would be easier for me and also main thing is that in real table contains more then 15000 rows so please if some can can provide me a better solution then it would be great

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Show us what you have tried –  Kermit Nov 4 '12 at 16:20

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select t.team_id 
from YourTable t
order by t.win + t.run_scored desc
limit 1  
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SELECT  teamid FROM 
SELECT max(win+run_scored),teamid FROM YOUR_TABLE GROUP BY teamid 
ORDER BY max(win+run_scored) desc
WHERE rownum <= 1
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select max(t.win + t.run_scored) ,t.team_id 
from YourTable t
group by t.team_id 
Limit 1
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