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I have 2 xpages that interact together. The first acts as a homepage and allows the user to create a new document and fill out some basic header information. The button to create the new document, sets a sessionScope var with the NoteID. It then saves document1 and opens the same document using another xpage.

The second xpages is bound to document1, and uses the sessionScope to edit the document. This xpages contains and editPanel bound to document2. I want to create a child document to document2. This works but what happens is document1 is also saved as conflict. It is also saved as a second main document.

I DO NOT want to save document1 at all, but can't seem to prevent it. The button that creates document2 uses the simple action save document, and specfies document2.

HELP, I have tried everything, and have been stuck on this for 2 days.

Thanks! Steve

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To bind to multiple datasources, on your XPage, under Properties expand Data and set "Ignore Request Params" to TRUE

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I was using this parameter but it still failed. This helped it work, but the backend was still messed up. Thanks for answering!! – Steve Zavocki Nov 5 '12 at 18:57

If you change the type of your buttons, to a simple button instead of a submit button, and handle the yourself should solve your problem.

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So far, this seemed to fix my issue. Thanks Gabriel! – Steve Zavocki Nov 5 '12 at 18:55

The Save Document simple action accepts the name of the data source to save as a String argument. If supplied, it will only save that specific data source.

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