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I am using Xcode 4.5.1 to create a very simple, single view iPhone app. I've laid out the view as you can see in the IB image. (UIViewController, UIView, UIButton, UITextView).

When I run the app in the simulator (or my phone) it looks like the second screen shot.

I don't understand why the simulator UI doesn't look like the one I created in IB.

What am I missing?


InterfaceBuilder Simulator

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It looks like you have an iPhone 5 sized layout in Xcode and a iphone 4 in simulator. Check the constraints on the dark grey vs bottom views and make sure that they'll resize how you want.

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If you look you are using the iPhone 5 size layout in your storyboard file. To change the dimensions between iPhone 5 layout and the standard iPhone size

Click on the icon in the lower right hand corner of the storyboard:

enter image description here

Alternatively, if you want to see the layout in a iPhone 5 simulator. In the iOS simulator go to Hardware > Device > iPhone (Retina 4-inch). This is the iPhone 5 layout. However, if you do not have a retina displayed computer. The iPhone will look like a really big iPad.

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By XCode 5.1, it was moved farther left, but thanks for the reminder! I was racking my brain trying to remember where that widget was! –  Tim Erickson May 3 at 2:49

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