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In my application I want to process some form data and show it later on a different page.

My question is: Can you recommend any django apps to quickly set up such a system?

I appreciate your answer!!!

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Have you tried the built-in forms and did you run into an issue? – Burhan Khalid Nov 4 '12 at 16:55

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You mean like django-crispy-forms ?

which is built on top of the already capable django forms framework -

Django cripsy forms helps you organize your form layout and configuration in, so keeping your template {{ form }} context variable simple and concise; without loosing customizability in your configuration.

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May be you can work with generic views in django which are suitable for general functionality.

Reference for generic form based views, more on class based view

For rendering may be you can use twitter bootstrap CSS or as @Calvin Cheng mentioned django-crispy forms.

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Django allows you to do this super easily without any apps. I'd highly recommend you read up on its basic form processing features.

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