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I'm moving an application from Hibernate to EclipseLink. I have the following named query:

delete from MyObject where id<=:LAST_ID

The query worked fine with Hibernate but fails with the following error with EclipseLink:

The identification variable 'id' cannot be used in conjunction with the <= operator.

Isn't it allowed to use the ID field in the where caluse with JPA?

Any workaround will be appreciated.

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The syntax which worked for me was:

delete from MyObject mo where mo.id <= :LAST_ID
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AFAIK, you can always use Delete From MyObject Where MyObject <= :LAST_ID with the same effect. Anyway, if you post you Entity definition, we could be more helpful.

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I've tried it but it caused a null exception. – Avner Levy Nov 4 '12 at 17:21

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