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I am wondering what this actually means:

For a non-root source directory, a period (.) entered in the DefaultDir column for the source directory name or the target directory name indicates the directory should be located in its parent directory without a subdirectory.

Could you give me an example as well? thanks.

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Each row of the Directory table indicates a directory both at the source and the target for the installation.

There are examples of using the (.) and (:) syntax features, which show populated Directory tables and resolved paths, in the MSDN documentation: Using the Directory Table

There is also an example of a Directory table in the topic Specifying Directory Structure which corresponds to the layout described in the topic Planning the Installation.

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I would also recommend a series of articles about Directory table from Rob Mensching (7 total). – Yan Sklyarenko Nov 6 '12 at 8:53

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