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I'd like to import package com.example.abc from com.example.iop in similar manner to bash expression ../abc.

Is this possible in Scala? I've read couple of articles but they say nothing about my case.

Update: I've discovered code suitable for simple uses (I've seen it in some project while ago):

package com.example
package com.example.abc

import iop
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That is simply not possible -- same as in Java.

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Your updated package structure has a hint of the solution, but isn't quite right. You can live in multiple packages, including a broad parent package defined by the first package statement – subsequent statements refine the tree.

package com.foo   //        we're in: com.foo
package bar       //   we're also in: com.foo.bar
package wibble    //   we're also in: com.foo.bar.wibble

import frobble._  //   this could be com.foo.frobble or com.foo.bar.frobble or com.foo.bar.wibble.frobble

Obviously, things can get confusing if you have multiple packages with the same name, but the compiler asks you politely to sort that out.

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