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I am attempting to work with a Spring Data Graph project in IntelliJ 11.1.4 Ultimate edition. The project builds fine but the editor says that the persist() method on my classes annotated with @NodeEntity can't be found. Additionally, none if the aspect enhanced methods, like persist, show up for auto-complete suggestions.

I am using the AspectJ Support plugin and I have the compiler set to AJC. Both IntelliJ and Maven can build and run the project, it appears that the editor is the only piece that has the problem.

Am I missing something obvious? Is this a limitation of IntelliJ? I thought 11.1.4 addressed this but I might be mistaken.

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Unfortunately AspectJ support isn't fully implemented yet - though resolve and completion should work. Could you please file a ticket in the tracker with a small demo project attached?

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Looks like in version 13.1 it is still not fully supported. – Igor G. Mar 26 '14 at 12:56

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