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Does anyone know how i could use sublime text 2 with scheme. I've heard ST2 and I want to try it out? right now I'm learning scheme. I have the scheme interpreter installed - I can go to the terminal and type in scheme and run code. I can also run the interpreter in emacs, but emacs isn't really fun.

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It's probably a little bit late but I'd still like to share my experience...

Now I'm using Sublime Text 2 and using Scheme fine.

First install the package "Scheme" through package control.

Then install the package "SublimeREPL" (for Sublime Text 2).

Then you should have a fully functioning Scheme environment in your Sublime! Syntax highlight is good, and use SublimeREPL for a interactive Scheme prompt.

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I only have MIT Scheme (doing SICP) and it works perfectly in Sublime – JI Xiang Jan 31 '14 at 19:10
I am trying to configure mit-scheme in sublime text 3. I have installed Scheme package and SublimeREPL as you mentioned. But after that what should i do ? Sorry, I am a complete beginner with sublime text. Also, what should be the extension for a scheme file here ? – nafizh Sep 21 '15 at 5:56

I wish my answer would help you~ My solution isn't to use Mit-Scheme but DrScheme,and the specific process is as following:

  1. Download PLT-Scheme and install it (
  2. Add its installation path to environment variables "Path".
  3. Install the package "SublimeREPL"
  4. Find the file "Sublime Text 2\Packages\SublimeREPL\config\Scheme\Main.sublime-menu",
    open with Sublime Text 2. Find the code:
"cmd": {"linux": ["scheme"],
        "osx": ["scheme"],
        "windows": ["scheme"]},

and change it :

"cmd": {"linux": ["scheme"],
        "osx": ["scheme"],
        "windows": ["scheme"]},



  1. Open Sublime Text 2,ctrl+shift+p,and enter scheme,press Enter

Enjoy it!

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