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I have 2 questions :

  • How do I know that the contents of the frame ready/loaded (as $(document.ready()))?

  • How do I know that the popup ( contents ready/loaded (as $(document.ready()))?

Google said that could help $("iframe").load(), but I did not understand how

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The problem with using load() is the iframe may have already loaded before the jQuery has run, thus not triggering the function. One way around this would be to initially load nothing in the iframe (about:blank), then using jQuery to change the src attribute to get the iframe to point to the desired location.   (Disable your popup blocker for this demo.)

I'm not sure whether ready() can be used cross-domain. When loading a popup/iframe on the same domain, a script on the child page can be used to report back to the parent window that it is "ready".

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The load callback will be called when the iFrame will be load :

    //The iFrame content is loaded
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