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Updated with code that addresses most of my questions.

I have a modest function to generate iterations of a MLE for a population estimate. (I know that iterations are poor form in R, but I am trying to show a nonlinear search procedure in detail, to accompany methods from an Excel spreadsheet).

n<-c(32,54,37,60,41)# number of captures 
R<-c(32,36,6,13,5)# of marked fish returned to the population

  N<-97 #starting value of N
  mle = matrix(0, nrow=x, ncol=8) #per suggestion
  colnames(mle)<-c("N","g.N","h.N","N1","g.N1","h.N1","delta.h","corr") #added column names
     for (i in 1:x) {
         corr<- -h.N/delta.h
   #print(c(N,g.N,h.N,N1,g.N1,h.N1,delta.h,corr))#original output
  mle[i,]<-c(N,g.N,h.N,N1,g.N1,h.N1,delta.h,corr) #per suggestion
return(mle) #per suggestion

This creates the following output

        N        g.N          h.N       N1       g.N1       h.N1   delta.h          corr
[1,] 97.00000 0.04046356 1.075034e+00 96.00000 0.03851149  0.2643856 0.8106486 -1.326141e+00
[2,] 95.67386 0.03788200 4.954192e-02 94.67386 0.03597455 -0.7679654 0.8175073 -6.060119e-02
[3,] 95.61326 0.03776543 2.382189e-03 94.61326 0.03586008 -0.8154412 0.8178234 -2.912841e-03
[4,] 95.61035 0.03775983 1.147664e-04 94.61035 0.03585458 -0.8177238 0.8178386 -1.403289e-04
[5,] 95.61020 0.03775956 5.529592e-06 94.61020 0.03585432 -0.8178338 0.8178393 -6.761220e-06

I would like to cleanup the output, but have not been able to crack the code to put the results in a matrix or data.frame or any format where I can give column titles and adjust the digits, numeric format, etc. in a meaningful manner. I've have had limited success with cat and format but have been unable to get them to do precisely what I would like. Any help formatting this as a table, or matrix or data.frame would be appreciated.

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Do you have any remaining questions? Can you state them precisely? –  Ben Bolker Nov 4 '12 at 21:01
Hi Ben, I'm good anything else is simple formatting of the output (numeric output etc.,) which I can take care of. –  B Williams Nov 4 '12 at 22:05

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Your function doesn't actually work for me (what's n for example). Anyway, you should have something like:

   N<-97 #starting value of N
   m = matrix(0, nrow=5, ncol=7)
   for (i in 1:x) {

     m[i,] = c(N,g.N,N1,g.N1,h.N1,delta.h,corr)
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Thank you csgillespie. I edited in the starting values and incorporated your code into the results. –  B Williams Nov 4 '12 at 20:13

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