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So I am having problems reading anything from a bucket

I know I am connecting fine as I am getting a listing of the bucket contents, I retrieve the key and I am trying to use it as such

foreach (var log in logs.Select(q => q.logFile).ToList())
    var getObjectRequest = new GetObjectRequest().WithBucketName(bucketName).WithKey(log);
    var getObjectResponse = new GetObjectResponse();

    StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(getObjectResponse.ResponseStream);
    String content = reader.ReadToEnd();

I get back

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: stream


StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(getObjectResponse.ResponseStream);

Thanks in advance!

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Your getObjectResponse is setup incorrectly. You are simply creating a new GetObjectResponse. It is not hooked up to getObjectRequest.


var getObjectResponse = new GetObjectResponse();


var getObjectResponse = client.GetObject(getObjectRequest);

where client is your S3 client.

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