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I am struggling with the installation of gitorious (on an Ubuntu 12.04 distribution) on my local server following this tutorial : http://cjohansen.no/en/ruby/setting_up_gitorious_on_your_own_server

After fixing some some config, I went running this command : env RAILS_ENV=production /etc/init.d/git-daemon start, I keep on having this message Starting git-daemon: FAILURE!!!, without finding any log message. After googling, I found it could be a config problem in the /etc/init.d/git-daemon config file : I put it here

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Hmm... Can't say I can pinpoint the problem. Can you get any messages out of dmesg | tail? I remember having some problems with the git-daemon, and I think they boiled down to some problem with ActiveMQ. Unfortunately, I can't remember how I fixed it.

There also seems to be a pretty neat, concise install script that streamlines the setup process for Ubuntu 12.04: https://gist.github.com/4236547

PS: You might want to get an account on pastebin to make your config file more easily accessible.

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