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i have a code:

DataTable dt = new DataTable(); dt = Banqqet_detailsbl.selectallrecordfromBooking_details(booking_id);
DataRow dr = ds.Tables["dtBooking_details"].NewRow();

        dr["Booking_id"] = booking_id;
        dr["booked_by"] = bk_by;
        dr["FP_no"] = fp_no;
        dr["Name"] = name;
        dr["co_name"] = co_name;
        dr["Booking_type"] = booking_ty;
        dr["occupation"] = occup;
        dr["Nationality"] = nationality;
        dr["Address"] = address;
        dr["email_id"] = email_id;
        dr["Pan_no"] = pan_no;
        dr["sitting_arrang"] = sitting;
        dr["state"] = state;
        dr["city"] = city;
        dr["pin_code"] = pincode;
        dr["Booking_from"] = book_from;
        dr["Booking_to"] = book_to;
        dr["Venue_type"] = venue;
        dr["Type_of_function"] = type_of_func;
        dr["Min_people"] = min_assu_pepple;
        dr["Expected_people"] = expected_people;
        dr["Cost_per_plate"] = cost_per_plate;
        dr["Total"] = total;
        dr["Av_item"] = av_item;
        dr["Av_rate"] = av_rate;
        dr["Av_item_total"] = total_av_amount;
        dr["Grant_amount"] = grant_amount;
        dr["Advance"] = advance;
        dr["Due"] = due;
        dr["Payment_mode"] = pyment_mode;
        dr["card_type"] = card_ty;
        dr["Card_no"] = card_no;


ds is declared public

public static DataSet1 ds;

selectallrecordfromBooking_details(booking_id) is a method(i suppose)

and is in Banqqet_detailsbl

public DataTable selectallrecordfromBooking_details(string Booking_id)
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select * from Booking_details where Booking_id=@Booking_id", con);
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Booking_id", Booking_id);
SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);

catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error); }
finally { }
return dt;

dtBooking_details is datatable in dataset1 dataset

when I am trying to run the code it gives me an error at :

DataRow dr = ds.Tables["dtBooking_details"].NewRow()

error msg : "Use the "New" keyword to create object instance"

There is TableAdapter with Fill,GetData() in Booking_details datatable.

Is this the reason for error.

I am a New to this so if I done something stupid let me know i'l correct it.

Thanks in advance.

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You say at one point that the data table is named "dtBooking_details", and at another that it is "Booking_details". Which is it? – hvd Nov 4 '12 at 20:17
Same for the dataset: it's named ds in the code-extract, but you write dataset1 in the text. Please edit and correct your question. – M4N Nov 4 '12 at 20:18
@M4N i've edited please and have also used var but no help – user1791077 Nov 5 '12 at 6:22
Any one help me, I dont know what I am doing wrong, IF you need any other info do let me know, will post. – user1791077 Nov 5 '12 at 15:15

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