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Paperclip is able to successfully upload an image (it is uploaded to the appropriate folder on the server). However, when I try to view the image, it reports it as missing.


class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessible :image
attr_accessor :image_file_name, :image_file_size, :image_updated_at
has_attached_file :image, styles: {small: "300x300>" },
url  "/photos/:id/:style/:basename.:extension",
path: ":rails_root/public/photos/:id/:style/:basename.:extension" 

validates_attachment_presence :image
validates_attachment_size :image, less_than: 5.megabytes

Viewing the image: (photos/show.html.erb):

<% if @photo.image? %>
    <%= image_tag @photo.image.url(:small) %>
<% else %>
    Missing image <%= @photo.id %>
<% end %>

This outputs "Missing image" with the correct photo id.

Despite this, uploaded photos are stored at the correct path, and are accessible via the correct url, e.g.

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It turned out that the issue was that image_file_name was stored as nil in the database.

attr_accessor :image_file_name was blocking image_file_name from having an appropriate value so it had to be removed. I had added this line because of an error that made it seem that it was required. To get rid of the error, the database migration had to be updated with:

def change
  create_table :photos do |t|
    t.string :image_file_name
    t.string :image_content_type
    t.integer :image_file_size
    t.datetime :image_updated_at

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I had the same problem, my solution was this:

By default your generated controller that you want to add the :photo attribute to defines "create" like this:

def create
    @setting = Setting.new(setting_params)

Just cange it to:

def create
    @setting = Setting.create(params[:setting])

(Just to be clear; Change setting to your own scaffold name.)

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