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I am trying to integrate payu.in payment gateway into my rails app. I have integrated their gem in the application but when i go to


I am not able to see the payment gateway under the provider options.

I have followed the steps as prescribed in http://guides.spreecommerce.com/payment_gateways.html

My app/models/spree/gateway/payu.rb looks like this:

module Spree
  class Gateway::Payu < Gateway
    def provider_class
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did u get this thing working,, i integrated like mentioned above in question and now i am getting error (NoMethodError in Spree::CheckoutController#update. undefined method `authorize' for ActiveMerchant::Billing::Integrations::PayuIn:Module) –  Dave Jun 18 at 16:02

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I believe you need something like this:

config.after_initialize do |app|
  app.config.spree.payment_methods += [

(See: https://github.com/spree/spree_paypal_express/blob/master/lib/spree_paypal_express/engine.rb#L23-28 )

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That did the trick :) Thanks :) –  phoenixwizard Nov 5 '12 at 18:30
Thanks, was stuck on this for a bit! –  Zubin Apr 29 '13 at 8:01

For me it just worked when I added a similar line of code:

config.after_initialize do
  Rails.configuration.spree.payment_methods << Spree::PaymentMethod::Pagarme

To my config/application.rb file.

(I saw it in http://blog.siyelo.com/active-merchant-and-spree)

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