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My assignment is to create a simple Quiz app for Android. I am NOT looking for the code for this.. I am simply looking for someone to possibly lay out how to get started with this (pseudo-code ish).

The program is suppose to display one term and four definitions; one of them being the correct one. Once the user selects which one they think it is, the program will tell the user if it was correct / incorrect using a toast message.


  • The terms need to be randomly selected, and only displayed once per run. However the definition needs to stay in the pool of definitions for other questions.

  • Definitions randomally selected (except the right one)

  • Program ends if it runs out of terms to display

  • Needs to use an ArrayList to hold collections of items, and a HashMap to hold name-value pairs.

  • Must use Androids logging mechanism to log error messages (via try/catch statements).

If you can help me out by guiding me in the right direction, that would be great :) Thanks!

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I would (as always in object-oriented languages) start by mapping your problem to real-live objects. In your case, there would be two:

  1. A Question-class which holds four answers, the question and offers a method to check if the given answer was correct.
  2. An Answer-class which holds a single answer and whether it's correct or not.

As for your storage question, I wouldn't use a HashMap at all. Store the Question-instances in an ArrayList and use a Random.nextInt()-method to get a random question from your list.

In your Question-class, you would store all possible answers in another ArrayList. To randomize the order in which the answers are presented, you can use the Collections.shuffle()-method.

For the presenting part, have your Question-class return the question (string) and the four answers (strings) and put the into your widgets. To identify the answer given, you can use the Answer-instance (using the array-index is easier, but it is more error prone).

To check if the right answer was given, query your Question-classes isCorrect(Answer)-method and check if the given instance in the internal ArrayList is marked as the correct one.

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