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Of course I am not talking about the file CUP/Yacc generates, but the input file for those tools.

I am looking for set of rules, which I could blindly apply and from CUP file get Yacc one. Some of those rules I already noticed, like:

  • ::= becomes :
  • {: becomes {
  • :} becomes }
  • any name bound in the rule has to be deleted and in the body it now becomes $1, $2 and so on
  • ...?

I am asking because I have already valid CUP file, and discovering those conversion rules takes me too much time for my liking. So maybe there is a resource about it already?

For curious minds -- because I move from Java JLex/CUP world to C# with the project, and the only working set of tools of Lex/Yacc family like I found are GPLex, and GPPG.

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