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I've just "finished" my new application. When I test it with my low cost tablet (a lot of free memory available) everything seems ok. But if I run it on my HTC phone sometime I see a message in the Log window:

11-04 22:11:34.570: D/memalloc(16419): /dev/pmem: Unmapping buffer base:0x527a0000 size:6144000 offset:4608000

I've difficulties to find an explanation for this message. Can someone explain it?

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More than 30 days after, none knows anything about? –  Seraphim's Dec 13 '12 at 14:26

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Found this:

The pmem driver is used to manage large (1-16+MB) physically contiguous regions of memory shared between userspace and kernel drivers (dsp, gpu, etc). It was written specifically to deal with hardware limitations of the MSM7201A, but could be used for other chipsets as well. For now, you're safe to turn it off on x86.


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