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I am using date_select like so

<%= f.label :birthday %>
<%= f.date_select :birthday , :order => [:month, :day, :year] ,:start_year => 1900, :end_year => Time.now.year-10 %>

I want to have the very first options in each field to be "day" "month" and "year" and which won't be valid

How do I add these values?

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Do you mean you need custom prompts for the date fields?

Then you need to use :prompt option:

date_select("birthday", :prompt => { :day => 'day', :month => 'month', :year => 'year' })

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Can't you use one of these options for date_select?

  • :default => 3.days.from_now
  • :include_blank => true
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