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Coming back to my very old mysql skills I have need of the following query.

I have two tables

One is a table of all items called products with cols item name, item num

Two is a table of purchased items with cols item num, date

What I need as a result is something like this

item4-------1  This item purchased
item6-------1  This item purchased

Output contains all items and a 1 in the purchased col if the item exist in the purchased items table and a 0 if it has NOT been purchased.

I am sorry if this is easy my brain is in meltdown mode currently and it has been a long time I have needed something like this

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Using a LEFT JOIN and a CASE to test for NULL in the joined table, you can return a zero or 1 accordingly (I used CASE but you could also do IFNULL() in MySQL):

  /* items that have no related rows in `purchased` will be NULL */
  CASE WHEN purchased.item_num IS NULL then 0 ELSE 1 END AS purchased
  /* Could also just do:
       (purchesd.item_num IS NULL) AS purchased
     because MySQL will return a 0 or 1 from the boolean condition, 
     but the CASE is more portable */
  LEFT JOIN purchased ON products.item_num = purchased.item_num
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