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I have written the following program to send data from server to a number of clients connected to it...(First start the server ..and then run a number of clients).. The first string I sent was successfully broadcasted..But after that no data is broadcasted...What is the problem with my code ..Here is the code





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It'd be better to post an SSCCE instead of all your code. Also, it'd be way better to post that code here, as then people looking at your question in the future don't have to worry about Pastebin going offline. –  Makoto Nov 4 '12 at 22:32
Unless/until the code is posted here this is not a real question. –  EJP Nov 5 '12 at 0:34

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The main problem in the code is that you are cloning the client list.
You are opening a socket to a client, save it in temporary array and then clone the array. When you send data back to the array of clients you are working on the cloned object.
That's break the design of using sockets - what happen to the original connection to the server? is it closed? Socket does not support cloning, so it leave the state of the original object unknown, while it's not clear what is the state of the new object as well...
You better use a CopyOnWriteArrayList which is a thread-safe list for adding elements.
Another issue is the exception handling:
You are not handling socket creation failures properly, as you wrap the whole code in the main() method of Server. Also, wrapping an exception in Client creation code and then leaving the object is a not-ready state since the stream can not be retrieved is bad as well. Better throw an exception from the constructor.

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