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I'm having major problems understand the general data format of highstock. I saw the part of the documentation where it looks like this:

 data: [[5, 2], [6, 3], [8, 2]]

Now i am trying to get it to work. in the jsfiddle i am having 2 ways of data input.

why does this work

[1336168800000, 15]

but this gets errors

 var CheckinData = new Array();
 CheckinData.push(new Array(1336168800000, 15));


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You've got a stray ], in your jsfiddle code after the commented out series data.

See this version that works: http://jsfiddle.net/3uWPz/1/

BTW, you can more succinctly code this using a style of:

var CheckinData = [];
CheckinData.push([1336168800000, 15]);
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