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I want to be able to push code into the IDLE shell history from a script such that

>>>somecode = """
def somefunc():

Results in:

>>>def somefunc():

So that I can edit and re-evaluate somefunc just as if I had manually pasted or entered the code into the shell. Is there an existing way to do this, or will I need to write an IDLE extension?

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IDLE does not offer a way to insert an item into its shell history. You could change the code in

Take a look at the IdleX project for a lot of examples of IDLE extensions. There's an extension for providing persistent history across IDLE sessions which might be a good starting point for writing your own extension. See from that project.

You might like its SubCode extension which allows you to edit and re-evaluate parts of your code directly from the editor by pressing Ctrl+Enter. You could also highlight code in the editor and run it by pressing F9.

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