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I need to print out a string that contains ${} with format() method

For example, I'd like to print out

"hello ${a} hello"

using this python code

print "{string1} ${a} {string1}".format(string1="hello")

However, I get KeyError'a', as format() expects an input string for {a}. How can I teach format() to ignore ${a}?

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You need to double the { and } to {{ to }}:

print "{string1} ${{a}} {string1}".format(string1="hello")
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This works well when you want to print an equal number of open and close curly braces, but python chokes on it if you only want to print an a single open brace. '{{{}}' does not work. In this case I just added the single curly brace as an additional parameter to my .format() and injected into the string that way. – D-D-Doug Jan 23 '13 at 16:12

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