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I have the following files:


They were compiled from the following source:

class TerrainMesh {
  static class Vertex {
      // ...

I'm building a JAR file like this:

jar cf jar/cities.jar -C java_classes "cities/TerrainMesh.class" -C java_classes "cities/TerrainMesh$Vertex.class"

Inspecting the JAR contents with jar tf jar/cities.jar gives me:


As you can see, TerrainMesh$Vertex.class is missing from the JAR file. Predictably, when calling methods in TerrainMesh that use the inner Vertex class, I get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. I'm pretty sure this is because the inner class is not included in the JAR.

How do I get the inner class into the JAR file? It seems really weird that jar cf is ignoring it.

For what it's worth, I've verified that running jar tf on JAR files made by other people does show the inner classes.

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The solution is to escape the dollar signs when calling jar cf:

jar cf jar/cities.jar -C java_classes "cities/TerrainMesh.class" -C java_classes "cities/TerrainMesh\$Vertex.class"
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