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I am writing a c program which stores pointers to structures (called Figure) within an array, initiated like so:

Figure ** farray = (Figure**) malloc(FNUM * sizeof(Figure*))

with figure being a structure like so:

struct figure {
  char name[LNAME];
  double * x;    
  double * y;      
  int dmax;
  int draw;  

When the figures are created, they are called in static memory, with the two arrays of doubles stored in dynamic memory, like so:

  memset(tfigure.name, 0, sizeof(tfigure.name));
  tfigure.x = (double *) malloc(DNUM * sizeof(double));
  tfigure.y = (double *) malloc(DNUM * sizeof(double));
  tfigure.dmax = DNUM;

  sscanf(buffer, "%*s %s %lf %lf", tfigure.name, &tx, &ty);   

and then their adress is saved within the array. Now, here is the problem. I have a function called draw, which when called returns a different value for farray[index]->name then was returned before it was called.

Here it is:

  printf("Before draw: %s\n", farray[openFigure]->name);
  draw(buffer, farray, openFigure);

goint into:

int draw(char buffer[], Figure** farray, const int state)
  printf("After draw: %s\n", farray[state]->name);  

This returns:

Before draw: A
After draw: `����

"A" is correct, the other is obviously not correct. Can anyone give me some insight into how to fix this? I can post any more of my code needed and I'm sorry that I'm not being clearer in my issue, however, I have little to no idea what my issue actually is. I assume that either the address of farray is changing, the address stores at that index in farray is changing, or the data STORED at that address is changing. I have no real idea though. And it's killing me. Any help is appreciated.


The pointer to the figure in memory is added to the array as such:

Figure tfigure;
farray[index] = &tfigure;

Taking advice, I printed the addresses of the Figures, and they were both the same, however the address of farray itself changed. Could this have something to do with how farray is passed to the function? I tried passing a pointer to the array instead, with no luck.

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I can't see the problem at first look. My first guess is that the type information that underlyes array-index-to-addres calculation has been lost in the call to draw... so try debug-printing the addresses before and inside the draw function. (Sorry premature Return key strike) –  corlettk Nov 5 '12 at 1:03
How do you assign/allocate the single pointers in the array? –  Joachim Pileborg Nov 5 '12 at 1:04
What happens if you change the %s to a %p to print the pointer address of name? Does it remain the same? What is the value of openFigure? Is the printf the very last thing before the call to draw and the very first thing inside draw? Do you have multiple threads running in your program? –  Adam Rosenfield Nov 5 '12 at 1:14
Do you assign the pointers in the same function that calls draw? Because you should not otherwise store pointers to local variables (after a function returns the space used by local variables is invalid). –  Joachim Pileborg Nov 5 '12 at 1:19
Just side notes: You don't have to cast malloc() calls. You MUST check malloc return value for NULL (you might do that in your real code, just saying) and be sure that the string you are parsing with sscanf can never be larger than LNAME. Also you said you are printing values to check them, but if you are not already doing so, use a debugger to step through your code line by line. –  Nicolas Goy Nov 5 '12 at 7:29

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