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When I run rvm list,it shows:

rvm rubies

=> /Users/ohho/.rvm/scripts/list: line 321: /Users/ohho/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p371/config: No such file or directory
ruby-1.8.7-p371 [  ]
 * ruby-1.9.3-p194 [ x86_64 ]

# => - current
# =* - current && default
#  * - default

Is it an error or can I just ignore it?


The error goes away after rvm get stable which updates rvm 1.16.16 to rvm 1.16.17. A config file shows up in ~/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p371/ after the rvm upgrade.

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this was a bug in generating config files in rvm 1.16.16 - it was solved already and updating rvm should be enough to fix it:

rvm get stable #or:
rvm get head
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still getting this with rvm 1.17.0 stable with rbx-head on OSX ML – mrbrdo Nov 27 '12 at 12:35
@mrbrdo open a bug for rvm – mpapis Nov 27 '12 at 16:08

It is not a critical error message; so you can ignore it.

However, the message is coming up most likely because the uninstall of ruby-1.8.7-p371 version wasn't completed successfully.

Try running rvm cleanup - it might remove the stale folders.

You could go into /Users/ohho/.rvm/rubies/ folder, and run rm -rf ruby-1.8.7-p371 to remove the folder completely

Or, try removing it, and reinstall as follows:

rvm remove ruby-1.8.7-p371
rvm install ruby-1.8.7-p371
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the same message shows up after remove and install – ohho Nov 5 '12 at 4:58
Same error message even after installing?! Weird. Any error messages while installing? If you don't need a 1.8.7 installation, then probably best to ignore it. – Prakash Murthy Nov 5 '12 at 5:22
Message after a complete installation: Please be aware that you just installed a ruby that requires 2 patches just to be compiled on up to date linux system. This may have known and unaccounted for security vulnerabilities. Please consider upgrading to Ruby 1.9.3-286 which will have all of the latest security patches. 'rvm_codesign_identity' is not set, please set it in ~/.rvmrc – ohho Nov 5 '12 at 6:37
That message is ok; it's just a warning message to get people to move away from 1.8.7. Are you still seeing /Users/ohho/.rvm/scripts/list: line 321: /Users/ohho/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p371/config: No such file or directory ruby-1.8.7-p371 when you run rvm list? – Prakash Murthy Nov 5 '12 at 7:05
Please see UPDATE in question. – ohho Nov 5 '12 at 7:21

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